About the omerta game

Omerta is a massive multiplayer mafia game. The action takes place in a crowded city in the 1930s. Working legally you will hardly earn for living. You choose the other way - to be a gangster. It is a risky way, but if you're inteligent and lucky enough, you can rise to the Godfather of the city...

Starting as a pickpocket you raise your respect and little by little, get more activities to do - steal cars, set up illegal fights. If you are strong enough, you even can set up a chop shop or casino.

In Omerta, like in the real world, respect and allies are everything. You can join or create a family. Families can compete in the city for extortions and illegal markets. Sometimes competition gets too big and there is no other way to lower it than to start a family war. Robbings, fights, whack attempts, arsoning - everything goes in times of war.

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Round information
Round information
Current time 2018-02-20 15:12
Registration starts: 2018-01-25 15:00
AP starts: 2018-02-01 18:00
CHAOS starts: 2018-04-01 18:00
CHAOS ends when only 5 players are left alive.
Omerta game news
Round I 2018

Happy new year! We're still working on the Omerta app and will start 1st round this year to keep you busy while waiting something awesome to come. By the way, last round was won by Ndrangheta family, good job.

Round III 2017

This is a relaxed round before the end of 2017 as you might be aware that Omerta team are working on new version of mobile app based Omerta in 3D!

Round III 2016

Omerta autumn round is ready to roll and new dates have been published.

Round II 2016

You've already experienced some changes in the game, now you should expect more! I've heard that prizes comin' along after this summer round.

Round I 2016

First Round in 2016 will be as massive as it gets. Please join and you will see the old awesome game reviving!

Round IV 2015

The summer is over and you are ready to play the ultimate online game. The only change made this time is the reduction of suspicion got after a shot.

Round III 2015

New round dates published. You all have voted in Facebook Omerta group that the round should last 8 weeks and have a chaos afterwards, so there you go. Enjoy!

Round II 2015

It looks like all updates were good enough to stay in Omerta for longer time. Please enjoy the coming spring and the new round.

Round I 2015

Another short round to check new updates and fix any remaining bugs.


Back-shot. From this round when making a backshot, victims attempt time will be not updated. Only normal shots will give imune time.

Round V 2014

This round will be a short one and will end just before Christmas. Basically just have fun and check if new updates are good for the game.


Back-shot. When someone shoots at you you can shoot back until 3 hours passes after the attempt. You will be able to shoot back even your rank is too low to make a regular attempt at attacker and even the attacker recently survived an attempt!
We hope that this update will seriously lower lone rangers rampage and make it possible to small ranks to defend. D-Shooters will also will be less important.

Suspicion raise after a shot. The maximum suspicion you can get after a shot is limited to 65%-75%. Those 10% are the random range you can get after the shot. Maximum suspicion is now gained after ~8 publicly known kills.
For those who think this is too low, we will remind that statistically one killer kills 4.8 people in his life.

Round IV 2014
You vote and we gave it. The round registration start today. This time the chaos will be held at the end till 3 hardcore players are left alive.
Round III 2014
You voted in the voting poll and here you go - the new round will start tomorrow!
Round II 2014
The new round is here! Register your characters and get to the job. Be sure to join our facebook group - Omerta Facebook group to get all the news, be a part of voting polls which decide the future of the game.
Hardcore Holidays Round 2013
Holidays are only a few weeks away, however a poll about holiday round showed, that many of you want to make some nice shots while sitting by the Christmas tree. New round infromation is posted in Omerta Facebook group and in the homepage. Keep it cool and have a nice holiday round!